During the course of most children’s upbringing, they accompany their parents to work. In the case of my mother, who was an operating room nurse, I couldn’t physically be in the operating room with her, but I still saw where she worked and met her colleagues. A woman in Illinois decided to do her own Bring Your Kid To Work Day in December, when she brought her son to the bank robbery she was pulling off.

Lauri Ruble and her boyfriend, Brandon Stancliff, strapped Ruble’s 5-year-old son into the car and set off for the bank. From there she left him in the car while she went inside to scope out the bank. From there, Stancliff entered the bank and threatened a teller with a kitchen knife, then took off with $4,800.

Now Ruble is out on bond, and Stancliff has remained in jail for the time being.

Talk about being an inspiration for the children of our future. There will always be an abundance of morons.