The City of Wichita Falls has begun the process of blending treated water from Lake Arrowhead with reclaimed water piped in from the River Road Waste Water Treatment Facility.   The water reuse project has been delayed by almost three months due to additional test requirements by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

The water is being sent by a 12 mile pipeline to the Cypress Water Treatment Plant for additional processing.  The idea is certainly not unique to Wichita Falls.  Oklahoma City and San Diego are among other cities who use reclaimed water.  But, while others pump their treated waste water back to a reservoir, Wichita Falls will be sending the already treated waste water directly to the city’s MFRO plant.  MFRO stands for micro filtration and reverse osmosis, a process that will even further purify the water.
According to Daniel Nix, Utility Operations Manager:

“The city worked closely with the TCEQ to establish alarms and shutdown triggers at various locations and for specific safety parameters throughout the process,” “The water goes through four separate processes before it is deemed pure and ready for industry, agriculture and home use.  The city’s water treatment plant includes a state-of-the art certified laboratory that already monitors water quality and high-tech computer systems with state certified operators to monitor the entire process.”

Public Works Director Russell Schrieber says the process will account for a net 5 million gallons of water per day.  Schreiber says the water will meet and exceed minimum safety standards for drinking.

Here at The Buzz we implemented our own waste water reuse system months ago:

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