If you haven't been a part of one of these before, you need to go check it out.

So my favorite tradition in minor league hockey is the Teddy Bear Toss. What's crazy, the team I actually used to go see near me has the record for most teddy bears. The Hershey Bears, in Hershey Pennsylvania. I'll be honest, only seen them once and it's because Hersheypark had a free ticket promotion. By the way, if you didn't know this, the Hershey candy company has their own theme park, look it up.

You can check out the record Teddy Bear Toss above. Basically after the home team scores their first goal. Fans toss teddy bears or other stuffed animals onto the ice. It's a lot of fun and the teddy bears get donated to a good cause.

The Wichita Falls Warriors on Friday are taking on the New Mexico Ice Wolves (not a bad name by the way) this Friday. The puck is dropping at 7:05 and this will be this year's Teddy Bear Toss game. I don't know if we can really pack Kay Yeagar because of Covid, but let's fill it up as much as we can this Friday.

The Warriors will be donating the teddy bears and stuffed animals to Guardians of the Children-Falls Town Chapter. They serve to protect children who are victims of abuse, support their families, and educate the public about child abuse. So grab some stuffed animals and head on out to the game this Friday.

If you're busy on Friday, the Warriors also play on Saturday and they're doing an ugly sweater night then. They will be auctioning off ugly sweaters that will benefit Hospice of Wichita Falls. Another worthy cause that we will be helping out as well this week at the radio station.

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