UPDATE: Carl's Jr. spokesperson has reached out to us with this statement: We are confident in the security measures we have in place to identify counterfeit bills and welcome bills of any size in our restaurants.

You may remember about a month ago, the Wichita Falls Police warned you about counterfeit 100 dollar bills. It has gotten so bad, one Wichita Falls restaurant will not accept any 100s at all.

Counterfeit bills are a real problem here in our country and it seems like someone in Wichita Falls is producing a lot of fake 100 dollar bills, so many that Carl's Jr will no longer accept any bills over $20. A sign was posted at the drive-thru at their location on Loop 11 here in Wichita Falls.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Griffin
Photo Courtesy of Joe Griffin

Thanks to loyal listener Joe Griffin for the photo.  Pretty crazy to see a pretty popular chain make a statement like this. As far as I know, one way to check if a 100 bill is fake, you hold the bill up to the light and if you see Benjamin Franklin through the 100 dollar bill in the right corner, it's real. The US Treasury says that is almost impossible to forge and I don't see someone in Wichita Falls being able to do that.

Just another friendly heads up to anybody who owns a local business to be on the lookout for these fake bills. If you don't know what to be on the lookout for, check out some of these videos on 100 dollar bills. They have very distinguishable features and take a couple of seconds to check.

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