I legit had no idea this was a law until today.

Apparently the state of Texas has a law against former felons wearing body armor. I can 100% understand firearms, but body armor? Yeah, that is apparently illegal and unfortunately some guy learned that this past weekend in Wichita Falls.

On Friday night, Wichita Falls police were called out around 8 PM for a car accident. Glenn Reddy had his vehicle in the accident and his car was impounded. A cab was called for him, but he refused to take the ride saying he wanted to walk. Officers noted that this man seemed confused. Reddy said he had schizophrenia but takes medication.

He told the officers that people are after him and he was wearing body armor for his protection. Reddy then lifted his shirt to show Kevlar body armor. Police ran a records check on him and he had theft charge in 2001. So that meant it was illegal for him to posses body armor. Glenn Reddy was charged  with Unlawful Possession of Metal or Body Armor by Felon.

I'm sorry, but this is a stupid Texas law that needs to go. I learned today that MANY states have similar laws on the books. Most states have stiffer penalties for committing crimes while wearing body armor, which makes sense. I don't understand the logic of felons not being able to protect themselves. Weapons are one thing, armor is another. Just my opinion though.

Check out all the crazy laws for body armor in our country that I had no idea about until today.

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