Christopher Morris is already in jail, but another child has come forward accusing Chris of additional sexual assault crimes.

Two years ago, 38-year-old Christopher Morris was arrested on three charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child and two charges of indecency with a child. More charges were brought up while Chris was in jail. He called his ex-wife from jail telling her he was gonna get out and come get her. She has a protective order against Chris preventing him from contacting her.

New charges have come to light from a sealed indictment from a ten-year-old girl. She claims Chris sexually assaulted her when she was just six-years-old. The victim also told authorities Morris told her he would kill her if she told anyone. Police said information given at the hospital and by the sister backed up the girl's story of repeated assaults.

Chris now has a bond set at more than $1 million.

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