This past weekend was the annual HotterN' Hell Hundred and thousands of riders took place in the event. So many had amazing stories, but this one we had to share.

Thanks to KAUZ reporter Brad Pushkar for sharing this story because I think it's pretty awesome. This is Alyssa Beauchamp who was born on August 23, 2014. On that day here in Wichita Falls, it was the annual HotterN' Hell Hundred. You can tell her family are big supporters of the HotterN'Hell because one of her baby pictures is in one of the shirts.

Well five years later, this past weekend Alyssa took part in her first HotterN' Hell Hundred event. She rode in the 10K and did the whole thing. She got her medal and you can tell she had a lot of fun. Probably one of many future HotterN' Hell Hundreds for her. Good job Alyssa, all I did on Saturday was have a panic attack at the top of the scissor lift during our broadcast.

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