Fellas first of all, don't cheat on your girl. Second, we now have a group calling our your stupidity.

As member of the stupid male population of Wichita Falls. I will admit, I have sent some drunk messages at 2 AM to some Wichita Falls ladies. You get up the next morning thinking what the hell did I do last night? It happens, however when I was doing this, I was a single guy in college. We all do dumb things back then trying to get laid.

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However, if you're reading this as a married guy with kids. You probably shouldn't be sending messages to women at 3AM things like, "What are you doing?" or "You Up?" Don't cheat on your wives or girlfriends period. However, cheaters are gonna cheat.


I happened to notice one of my local friends had a married guy slip into her DMs this week. She is in a relationship already and I guess this guy wanted to shoot his shot. Another girl commented on her post saying she should put him in Wichita Falls blast him sis.

What is Wichita Falls Blast Him Sis?

Of course my nosy ass is like, what the hell is this? Turns out it is a new Facebook group for only Wichita Falls females. The group says it is to, " Share factual information about men in the area to warn other females. Screenshots allowed. No cross sharing."


I could go through the hassle of creating a girl profile on Facebook in an attempt to join, but I really don't care that much. I just thought it was interesting that cheating in Wichita Falls has become such a problem that women are having to create a Facebook group dedicated to it.

I am sure some guys may be reading this right now sweating profusely saying, "ARE MY MESSAGES IN THIS GROUP?" That I do not know sir, but I would suggest not messaging girls if you're married or in a relationship. First of all, that's just a d*** move and secondly you now have an army of women that are ready to call you out for it.

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