If you're someone that is dealing with a busted pipe and needs cleaning drinking water. The city is coming to help.

The drive through event is going on right now, until 7 PM tonight. If you're in need of water, you can go to the J.S. Bridwell AG Center at 111 North Burnett Street. This is a first come, first serve basis. The city says they will have this open until 7 PM or until supplies run out. Each family will be given two cases of water, and no registration or sign up is required.


The city says to follow that map above so the flow of traffic can go smoothly for everyone. We still have some snow pileups in parking lots here in Wichita Falls, but for the most part the craziness of last week is behind us. Now we're in the aftermath of high electric or gas bills. Also some people are dealing with busted pipes from the cold.

Hopefully the damage at your residence was minimal. If you're someone that needs to apply for disaster relief with FEMA, the link here can help you out. You should always reach out to your insurance provider first before applying for disaster relief.

I don't know about you, but I don't ever want to see it that cold in Wichita Falls ever again. Last week was a nightmare and I hope to never see it again. I moved to Texas for the heat, not the cold.

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