The City of Wichita Falls is auctioning off some interesting things this weekend including some old cop cars.

City of Wichita Falls Surplus Auction

No joke, a bunch of my friends vehicles in high school were decommissioned cop cars. Mainly for the fact, they got them at a good price at a surplus auction like this. The vehicles are the things grabbing the headlines for this auction, but honestly a little bit of everything will be at this auction.

10 Wichita Falls Trash Trucks

Waste Management Raises Bid For Rival Republic
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3 BMW Police Motorcycles

Jury Deliberates Penalty In Moussaoui Trial
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12 Ford Crown Victoria Cop Cars

Unsplash User: Scott Rodgerson
Unsplash User: Scott Rodgerson

10 Mowers

California To Ban Gas-Powered Lawn Tools
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Dump Trucks (Several Sizes Going to Auction)

Historic Buffalo Blizzard That Paralyzed The City Leaves Over 30 Dead
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Other Items Going to Auction

Looks like a bunch of old police evidence is also going to auction. Looking at the website, the stuff going to auction has Case Numbers and Evidence barcodes. Here are some interesting things I saw on the list.

  • Gibson Guitar
  • Michael Kors Purse
  • Metal Safe
  • Leaf Blower
  • Pioneer Subwoofer
  • Ryobi Battery Nailgun

Full list is available on the auction site. Also about 400 pieces of old dinnerware from the MPEC will be going to auction as well. If you want some plates, glassware, or silverware go check it out.

When is the Auction?

Preview and Preregistration is this Friday (September 15) from 10AM til 4PM at Central Services Complex 2100 Seymour Highway Wichita Falls. The auction will be taking place on Saturday (September 16) at 10 AM. Who knows you could score a deal on a vehicle or something else at the auction.

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