Might as well strike up the age-old debate as to who has the best barbecue in the Falls.

Thrillist recently ranked Texas No. 2 in the United States behind California when it comes to great places to grub (of course, you and I both know we should've been ranked No. 1 but we'll save that debate for another time).

One of the things pointed out in the article is the fact that while most states have only one or maybe two types of barbecue, the Lone Star State has four: East, Central, South and West. I'm no foodie and I haven't had a whole lot of barbecue outside of North Texas, so forgive me for not knowing the difference between the four.

What I do know is that I absolutely LOVE barbecue from this neck of the woods and we have some great barbecue joints right here in Whiskeyta Falls. Let us know which of Fallstown's finest is your favorite.

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