Yes, I am aware you cannot be fined for not wearing a mask in public. However, some businesses are requiring you to wear a mask.

It's been a strange week in Wichita Falls when it comes to masks. We were told on Friday that everyone over the age of six is required to wear a mask. Then on Monday Governor Abbott said no city can require you to wear a mask. It's been a crazy back and forth and we all just want ONE straight answer.

As of right now, you're not required to wear a mask in public, but it is encouraged. However, some businesses are requiring you to wear a mask while at their location. Some folks are having trouble finding masks and some people are wanting to donate masks at this time. The city of Wichita Falls has eight fire departments where you can go donate cloth masks.


If you're in need of a mask, you can call the Wichita County Health District at at 940-761-7909.

Donation Locations:
• Station #1 – 1005 Bluff Street
• Station #2 – 425 Bonner Street
• Station #3 – 3800 Brewster Street
• Station #4 – 5512 Castle Road
• Station #5 – 506 Beverly Road
• Station #6 – 4912 Johnson Road
• Station #7 – 2800 City View Drive
• Station #8 – 2000 Southwest Parkway

How to prepare and drop-off mask donations:
• Do NOT make cloth face coverings if you or a family member has symptoms of COVID-19 or other viral respiratory illnesses.
• Do NOT try the cloth face coverings on when making them, or after they are finished.
• Wash and dry (in a heated dryer) the cloth face coverings before dropping off donations.
• After laundering and drying, place directly into a large baggie (such as Ziploc) and seal while still hot/warm.
• Wipe down the outside of the plastic bag with a disinfectant/wipe.
• Wipe down the outside of plastic bag with disinfectant.
• Drop the donation off at any one of the designated locations in the unmanned tub, and maintain social distancing.

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