Did a mission go haywire and crash land in Oklahoma? 

If you have driven between the towns of Winganon and Talala in Oklahoma, you may have noticed something very strange on the side of the road. If you were driving by really quick, you would think you just saw a spacecraft.

Turns out it's an art project that two residents took up a couple years ago.

However, the story starts back in 1959. A cement mixer crashed and it was too heavy to move both the truck and the mixer. The mixer had wet cement inside and by the time authorities got there it had hardened. So they moved the truck and they would come back for the mixer later. Well, no one came back and the mixer just sat there all these years.

For years it became an eyesore because people would tag it with spray paint. Barry and Heather Thomas decided to turn it into a local art piece. They turned it into a NASA capsule. Complete with fake boosters, cables, NASA’s insignia, and the American flag.

Looks like the graffiti has stopped and it's become quite a popular stop for photos for people passing through. The Winganon Space Shuttle even has its own Facebook page if you want to go find it.