Zombies? Get your baseball bats and shotguns ready.

No such things as zombies you say? Allow me to introduce you to zombie deer. The illness is called chronic wasting disease. The Center for Disease Control has reported that zombie deer have been reported in 24 states, one of them is Texas. So what is chronic wasting disease? It happens in free-ranging deer, elk and/or moose.

Animals with the disease have a zombie-like stare and they become so gaunt that their rib cages become exposed. Now if you're someone that hunts and eats deer, you should have your meat tested before consuming it if you believe the animal you killed is infected. The CDC says of right now they have no evidence to prove that this can pass to humans, but if it could, it would be through consuming the infected meat.

Scientists say that the disease is highly contagious between animals. The disease likely spread between animals through body fluids like feces, saliva, blood, or urine, either through direct contact or indirectly through environmental contamination of soil, food or water. Even after an animal has died, the disease can still spread to others.

As of right now, five Texas cities have confirmed cases of zombie deer. Dallam, El Paso, Hartley, Hudspeth, and Medina all have zombie deer. Get ready for the zombie deer apocalypse.

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