In a new survey during which people ranked which instrument they believed to be the sexiest, the guitar placed first with 26% of the votes.

Now there is no arguing that the guitar is the sexiest instrument you can be seen with, but in a surprising twist, 5% of people said that the flute was the sexiest instrument. 

No doubt that the rise in the sexiness of the flute is thanks to Ron Burgundy, who's epic jazz flute solos will stand the test of time.

Other instruments making the list include the saxophone with 25% of the votes, the piano with 21%, the violin with 14% and the drums with 7%.

The survey also went on to ask which role you would most like to play in a rock band, and of course being the lead singer dominated with 29% of the votes followed by being the drummer, with 27%.

Being the lead guitarist grabbed a respectable 19% of the votes followed by playing the keyboards with 14%.

Sadly, few people want to be the bass player in a rock band though. Only 8% of people would want to be one. Why anyone from this generation would pick the keyboards over the bass is beyond me.

The survey asked more questions including which band would you rather your child study, which kind of music do you listen to the most and many more. You can check out the complete survey here.