Some of you have some very interesting modifications on your car and we want to know what is the most random.

A few cars here in Wichita Falls make you do a double take. I was sent this new one to me last night. It is of a car here in Wichita Falls covered with Mickey and Minnie Mouse dolls. Nice to see my favorite Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey made the cut. I thought this was just the Smurfs car, with new dolls on it. Nope, those are two different cars driving around our city now.

Imgur User Firemanz

Then we have the infamous 'Not a Drug Dealer' truck, which only makes me think you're a drug dealer man. I didn't think you were one until you said you were not. Last May an ad for the truck popped up on Craigslist, so you could still have the opportunity to own this bad boy.

Logan via craigslist

Then the Texoma Ghostbusters jeep. Which I think they were fixing up an actual 'Ghostbusters' replica ambulance last time I checked in with those guys. Hopefully, the Texoma Ghostbusters are still out there. If not this city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.

So what we want to know is, which is the most random? You can take that as what is your favorite as well. Photos are all above and you can check out the Texoma Ghostbusters in a video when they stopped by our studio.

A poll is set up below and we're very curious about the results.