A new list shows us how disgusting parts of America can be. Just seeing some of these gives me a tummy ache. 

The fine folks at Thrillist just came up with a pretty interesting list. The grossest foods for every state in the country. Now a lot of these are gross, but they do have a following. People will eat these things up every year.

The "gross" foods from Texas don't really seem all that bad, but a few from other states like Louisiana, Indiana, and West Virginia look and sound downright nasty.


Deep Fried Butter

Apparently, the grossest food we enjoy here in Texas is deep fried butter, which is an item I have heard about at the State Fair of Texas. Yup, it's exactly what it sounds like. A nice butterball, rolled up in dough and then thrown in the deep fryer. Sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen, but I would be willing to try it.


Deep Fried Rattlesnake

If you don't want to catch and fry your own rattlesnake, you can actually get one in Waurika during the annual Rattlesnake Festival. Once again, I have personally never had this one, but I would be willing to try it. By the way, Oklahoma rattlesnakes are HUGE!


Brain Sandwich

How about a nice brain sandwich in Indiana? Nope it's not a nickname, it's a real brain sandwich. For years it was cow brains, but because of mad cow disease, the area now switches to pig brains. So if you want to feel like a zombie, head to Indiana.



Louisiana loves to eat rat. Nutria, technically speaking. It's a big yellow-toothed river rat. They throw it in a crock pot for a couple of hours and then chow down. Better bust out those Louisiana seasonings to get that taste of rat out of your mouth.

West Virginia

Fired Squirrel

West Virginia is not known for a lot of positive things and their most famous gross food continues that tradition. Just like the 'Waterboy's' mom, up in West Virginia they're deep frying squirrel. Nothing gets my tummy rumbling like Winnie the Pooh more than some fried squirrel.


Mesquite Pods

In Arizona, they have Mesquite Pods. Basically they're worm-like beans that hang around tree branches. People in Arizona pop these off the branch and just eat them. People say they taste like Skittles.

You can see the gross foods from the rest of the states here.

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