Metallica and Slipknot are two of metal's biggest bands. But what happens when you put them together? No, not on a concert bill — on the same song! One YouTuber reimagined what it would be like if Slipknot wrote "Enter Sandman" and the results are devastating.

Pete Cottrell, whose YouTube page is full of natural curiosities — interpretations such as one song or riff in the style of many bands, challenges such as playing riffs with one finger and more.

In his latest video, published Jan. 22, Cottrell briefly contrasts the differences in style between Metallica and Slipknot and then begins to explain some of the key elements that helped him transform Metallica's biggest hit into something most metalheads would recognize as sounding akin to Slipknot.

First, he tuned from E to B to make it sound "darker and more menacing," and shifted the tempo from around 120bpm (beats per minute) to in the ballpark of 190bpm to elevate it to Slipknot's more usual intensity. With tuning and tempo out of the way, Cottrell turned to what he dubbed "the Joey beat," and explained the drum pattern the late Joey Jordison was known for in Slipknot and how he incorporated it into this reimagined track.

There was also the matter of determining what type of Slipknot-styled chorus to go with — fast and brutal or more on the melodic end. Ultimately, Cottrell elected to go brutal and added some other textbook Slipknot textures to help drive his point home.

Listen to "Enter Sandman" in the style of Metallica directly below and follow Pete Cottrell on YouTube.

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