I am sure some people are super pissed about this, but you know what I think the change had to come.

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The battle over the high school mascots has been raging in Wichita Falls for months now. Hopefully this over now that the WFISD announced the two mascots last night. We will have the Memorial Mavericks and the Legacy Leopards. When I think of Maverick, I typically think of a horse, like the Dallas Mavericks. Looks like that logo is actually a bull, which is the name for an unbranded bull. Can't tame that bull.


I actually like the Leopards better. I was happy to see my idea for the Legacy Landsharks made it into the final round for voting, but I am happy with the final results. WFISD wants folks to know these two designs are just rough drafts at this moment. I also think the reason they're both black and white is because colors haven't been decided yet.


I know many of you in this town are upset with this decision, but this is what the vote said we were going to do forever ago. They said we would be going from three to two high schools and they were going to assign two new mascots for the school. Believe me, I know YOU think YOUR school's mascot choice should have been kept.

One of the school's mascots was going to get screwed out of this. Whether it was the Coyotes, Raiders, or Huskies. I know this has been a headache for everyone involved and I don't mind these choices in the end. Hopefully the rest of you will accept the change, but I know many of you won't.

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