Looks like we’ll be getting the follow-up to Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie before too much longer.

Earlier today, Volbeat released the lyric video for the new song "Parasite" (I initially thought it was a teaser due to the fact that it's only 39 seconds long). You can also stream the track on various digital platforms.

As far as the tune goes, it’s classic Volbeat with catchy, driving guitars paired up with Michael Poulsen’s distinctive howl.

Guitarist Rob Caggiano had this to say about the new album in an interview with Consequence of Sound last December: "It’s definitely not going to be the same vibe as the last album or the previous album before that. The band is progressing and evolving, and I think the music is following along. Right now, it definitely feels like a rock record. Obviously, there are still all of those influences that the band has always had, but I think the songwriting is evolving and the structures are different. It might be a little premature and too early to say, but that’s what it feels like to me right now."

Stay tuned for the latest on Volbeat’s upcoming album.