Look, it's happened to the best of us; we're doing an interview with someone we assume is just a random stranger and it turns out to be the guitarist for one of the biggest bands in rock history. OK, maybe not - but it sure is pretty hilarious when it happens to someone else, which was the case this past weekend when a reporter for a Houston, Tex. news affiliate stumbled upon Def Leppard's Phil Collen.

In the clip below posted to her official Twitter account, KPRC 2 news reporter Syan Rhodes is doing a "man on the street" type of interview with a familiar face and asks him what he is doing in Houston. Collen informs her that he is playing with a band. "Is it, like, a band I would recognize?" she asks. A seemingly bemused Collen responds, "Probably, yeah." He wasn't foolin' either.

"Do you care to share the name?" the two steps behind reporter asks. "Yeah...Def Leppard, we just played the other night," Collen informs her. Rhodes seems surprised and tells the guitarist it's "very nice" to meet him before the brief clip ends. Hopefully a longer version surfaces at some point.

Collen was in town to perform a two night stand at Houston's Toyota Center for a co-headlining pair of dates with Journey which took place over Labor Day weekend (Sept. 1 and 3). The trek continues tomorrow night at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Ariz.  The full list of dates can be found here.

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