We have some more information about one of the poor kitties that was tortured in Texoma recently.

Thanks to Sarah Bayley for keeping us updated with the condition of Lucky, the cat she and her boyfriend James found . Looks like the cat's tail was broken off and not cut off like people originally thought. Vets are guessing someone may have grabbed the cat by the tail and swung him around until his tail snapped off.

Sarah has a GoFundMe page set up for the cat's vet bill if you would like to help out. Lucky is out of surgery, but is still having a problem going to the bathroom. He is eating and drinking. The cat has a catheter in to help ease the bathroom problem. Lucky is going to have to be at the vet for a few more days to monitor the bathroom situation.

Lucky also started laser therapy to help restore the nerves that severed during the tail being ripped off. Sarah says the vet bills are going up each and every day, so if you would like to help out, please donate to that GoFundMe link above. All money raised is going to directly to vet bills. Any extra money raised will be donated to help out other abused animals.

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