You know it's a great radio show when you open with Metallica covering Soundgarden's "All Your Lies," and that's not even close to the coolest moment of the broadcast.

We went deep on Reload, tossed out a cover from Weezer and cranked up a heavy live track from Metallica's COPENHELL headlining performance from this past summer. As if that wasn't enough, I pulled out the latest record in the Metallica Vinyl ClubLive at Bridge School Benefit 1997, for a special listening session, and I ended the show with two tracks from the band's recent old-school gig in Florida.

If you weren't able to tune into The Ultimate Metallica Show, check out the full playlist below—and then make sure to catch this weekend's show so you don't miss out on any of the fun.

The Ultimate Metallica Show — Hour 1

The Ultimate Metallica Show — Hour 2

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Friday, Nov. 18, will mark the 25th anniversary of the release of Reload, so you can expect some celebrations on our upcoming Ultimate Metallica Show. If you have a particular memory about the album or want to request your favorite track, hit me up on the Ultimate Metallica app anytime this week and let me know.

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