If you have this on your bucket sex list, this is probably the easiest way to make it happen. 

In case you were not aware, the mile high club is basically having sex on an airplane. Most people would excuse to the bathroom and go do the dirty. Don't know how it's possible since your average person can barely fit in there by themselves. Two airlines want to make this sex dream of yours, a reality.

The first is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and it's called Flamingo Air. For $495, a couple gets a private, hour-long flight. A Flamingo Air pilot sits up front wearing headphones (supposedly not watching you have sex), while the couple enjoys the back of the plane, where the center row of seats has been removed and replaced with a pile of cushions.

The other one is of course in Las, Vegas Nevada. With the slogan, “What happens over Vegas, stays in Vegas.” For an hour long flight, it will cost a little more with Love Cloud, $999. Looking at photos on their website, their plane looks fancier and more room as well.

So if you always wanted to do it in a high altitude, here is your chance. This way you don't have to sit in the disgusting bathroom that always smells like someone took the worst dump of their life inside.

The rain couldn't stop us! We had a great photo shoot today #behindthescenes #cincinnati #flight #sightseeing #romance

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