Sad news for fans hoping to see one last Twisted Sister gig in their hometown following the band’s 2016 summer festival dates. In a new interview, guitarist Jay Jay French revealed that he doesn’t foresee Twisted Sister performing any more gigs past the ones currently scheduled.

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of Twisted Sister; an almost unprecedented figure amongst heavy metal contemporaries. The 2015 death of drummer A.J. Pero signaled the near-end of Twisted Sister’s career, and though the legends have recruited Mike Portnoy to man the kit, it seems like Twisted Sister will be no more after Bloodstock Open Air in the U.K.

“This is it; this is the end,” French told Rock Cellar Magazine. “We're playing some shows and that's it. It's the '40 And F— It' tour. We already ended it once before and ended it for 12 years and got back together again. The reunion lasted a lot longer than I thought it was gonna last. The reunion has gone on 13 years. I thought the reunion would last two years, so it's really gone on a long time.”

French made an apt comparison when discussing TS’s finale. "It's kind of like the last five minutes of a fireworks display as far as the history of Twisted Sister is concerned. When people doubt that this is the end, I tell them they shouldn't doubt it. It is the end. I don't foresee us playing ever again. These dates are it, but there'll be plenty of product out there.”

One of those products French referenced is an album compiled from live shows back in Twisted Sister’s decade-long stint as a bar band, though there’s no release date yet confirmed. Of course, the new and fascinating documentary We Are Twisted F***ing Sister! is now available to grab.

For the list of Twisted Sister’s remaining 2016 gigs, click here.

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