So me and the girl like to lay in bed all morning on weekends and watch movies...we're lazy yet cultured like that. Anyway, yesterday was no exception and Encore Action was all about martial arts movies (which I love) and they showed "Karate Kid II & III" back-to-back. Just as I was thinking I may end up not getting out of bed at all, "Street Fighter" came on and I figured it was time to get my ass in the shower.

Anyway, back to my original thought process...I grew up watching the "Karate Kid" movies and it had been years since I had watched any of them and I realized I'm every bit as fond of the movies now as I was then. The thing that always got me was how this undersized older Asian guy was practically unbeatable...he could take out entire groups of martial artists and come away unharmed. Every time Daniel was getting ganged up on, Mr. Miyagi would show up and kick ass and take names. Now I know this is Hollywood and I don't seriously think that Pat Morita could have really beaten all those other guys, but I've always loved the moral of the story to the "Karate Kid" movies...a smart, disciplined, calm demeanor combined with good character is a recipe for success in anything you do. In that respect, Mr. Miyagi is a total badass.