Tool keep fans guessing with each languid and mysterious step toward their new album, even if a release date for the band's long-awaited fifth studio effort was finally revealed in May (shortly after the group debuted a couple of fresh tunes). Alas, while a first single or album artwork has yet to emerge, as of late Sunday (July 21), there's at least a new Tool logo lighting the way.

That's what appears to be the case in the social media post Tool sent up early this week. See it down at the bottom of this post.

Tool's original 1991 demo cropped up on Apple Music, Pandora, Google Play and YouTube last week. To date, the bulk of the band's discography remains unavailable for purchase at such digital retailers.

We're around six weeks away from the drop of Tool's new record, and there's also been no news on what the album will be called. The band's studio releases yet to be made available through music streaming services — Opiate, Undertow, ÆnimaLateralus and 10,000 Days — are rumored to be rolled out digitally around the upcoming album, but certainly nothing's been confirmed.

Oh yeah, and that release date for the new Tool album? It's Aug. 30. See if there are any upcoming shows near you.

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