If you were planning on sending any fan mail to Tommy Lee in hopes of getting his autograph, that option is now off the table. The Motley Crue drummer says he is done signing things because he keeps seeing them being resold on eBay, and those who do resell autographs "can go fuck" themselves.

"Just wanted to do a public post saying that I'm done doing fan mail," he wrote in an Instagram post that features photos of his signature on various items. In an effort to combat his autograph being resold, he made sure to address the fan firsthand so that their name would be with his.

"But now people are being so shady that they are whiting out their names and reselling on eBay. "I'm done taking my precious time to have people eBay my signature," he continued, adding the "hundreds of hours" he spent tending to the letters he's received in the past.

"Those of you that got a signature, I hope you enjoy it & appreciate it, and those of you that are selling can go fuck yourselves! I'm done! Don't send me anymore autograph requests!"

The majority of the comments on the post were fans expressing support for Lee's decision, but admitting their sadness over the fact that they will now not be able to get his autograph, and didn't even know the drummer had been answering fan mail to begin with.

"If you see me in person I'll sign a body part," Lee added in a comment of his own. See the post below.

Motley Crue's Summer 2020 Stadium Tour has not been canceled as of yet. Stay tuned for further updates.

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