If you've been alive long enough, chances are you've probably had a splinter or two in your day. No big deal, right? Well, you've probably never had one like this.

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TikTok's DermDoctor (Dr. Shah) is a dermatologist that posts all sorts of skin-related videos on his page. Many of those videos are of him reacting to skin scenarios like bad sunburns, pimple popping, skin care routines...you get the picture.

He also offers explanations and advice for some of these situations. Except for in instances like the video you're about to watch when there really are no words.

In this skin scenario, you'll see an individual using tweezers to attempt to pull what looks like a splinter out of their finger. Noticing some wood in the background, it's safe to assume that that's probably the case. They pick and pull at this thing for a good minute before it's finally revealed.

CAUTION: The following video may be graphic for some. Please proceed at your own discretion. 😅

You call THAT a splinter!? How were they even able to move their finger? As you'll gather from some of the comments, no one was ready for that. Here are a few of our favorites:

"The splinter that was in SpongeBob’s thumb"

"That’s not a splinter that’s a log"

"I believe that’s called a wooden stake, not a splinter"

"that's $50 worth of wood there"

"that's not a splinter. dude smuggled a whole 2x4 out of Home Depot."

"comment if you screamed when you saw the splinter"

And if you were wondering.....Yes, we screamed.

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