Even though I've had the better part of a day to process the passing of the great Chris Cornell, it still doesn't seem real.

My obsession with Soundgarden started the moment I popped Badmotorfinger into my Walkman and pushed play. To this day, the opening riff to "Rusty Cage" gives me goosebumps as I reflect back to just how blown away I was by the originality and sheer power of their music.

As cool and unique as Soundgarden's riffs are, it was Cornell's pipes that really put the band over for me. He may be gone, but thanks to his brilliant legacy, he'll live on forever with the timeless music he blessed the world with.

It was hard picking just ten tunes from his impressive catalog, but here's what I finally settled on:

  • 10

    Audioslave - 'Revelations'

  • 9

    Soundgarden - 'Non-State Actor'

  • 8

    Soundgarden - 'Jesus Christ Pose'

  • 7

    Soundgarden - 'Outshined'

  • 6

    Soundgarden - 'Black Hole Sun'

  • 5

    Soundgarden - 'Searching With My Good Eye Closed'

  • 4

    Temple of the Dog - 'Hunger Strike'

  • 3

    Soundgarden - 'Loud Love'

  • 2

    Soundgarden - 'Rusty Cage'

  • 1

    Soundgarden - 'Spoonman'