This week I'm going with Chicago sludge masters Indian's new album Guiltless. To quote U.N. Jefferson's sidekick in Revenge of the Nerds...this is some good shit. Indian brings it with intense painful screaming vocals, loud droning guitars and a pummeling rhythm section.

The band gets right to the point with the opening track "No Grace" with an in your face barrage of howls and a tight as hell kick drum that gives the impression of someone beating another person down and is by far my favorite on the album. The title track is the sludgiest tune on the record with droning guitars and a desperate wail that sounds like it hurts. "The End of Truth" is another highlight of the album with a main riff and electronics that demonstrate the band's Neurosis influence.

Indian is not a band for everyone...but those of us who dig this kind of stuff will absolutely love it. Indian do what they do and they do it well with consistency. I can see this being one of my top albums for 2011.

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