Due to the high cost of fuel, robbers have been hitting gas stations across the country.  According to CBS News, a group of alleged thieves stole thousands of gallons of diesel gasoline from a North Texas service station.

Mandeep Singh, owns a Valero gas station in Duncanville, which is a suburb south of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and is sick of thieves stealing gasoline from his service station.  Singh knew something was wrong after doing the books for his business.  After noticing that the numbers weren’t adding up, he suspected that someone was stealing fuel from the station.   He then viewed station’s video surveillance system, and saw thieves stopping by his station, and stealing diesel fuel from the dispenser.

Singh believes that the thieves who have been targeting his service station have a dispenser key, and have dropped by several times to steal gasoline.  Each time they rob the station, one of the thieves unlocks the dispenser, and extracts the diesel fuel, before driving off.   He also suspects that the thief has worked for some kind of petrol company before, since he knows way too much about fuel dispensers.  The thief even reprogrammed the system so that he wouldn’t get caught.

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Singh said that his gas station has been targeted 16 times in the past four months.  These same thieves have been stealing his diesel fuel since December of 2021.  So far, they have stolen over 6,000 gallons of diesel gasoline, totaling around $25,000 worth of fuel.

Unfortunately, experts say that unless the price per gallon for fuel decreases, we can expect to see a rise in gasoline theft as service stations across the country.  Hopefully local law enforcement is able to use the video from Valero’s surveillance system to catch these fuel thieves.

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