Awesome, the new mayor needs another diaper change.

You hear about these small towns that just let random people around town take turns being the mayor. Even animals have been mayors in some towns around the country and world. Looks like we have the youngest mayor in America right here in Texas. Over in Whitehall, Texas they have seven-month-old William Charles "Charlie" McMillian he was inaugurated last night as the honorary Mayor.

Each year the position of mayor is auctioned off at the Whitehall Volunteer Fire Department BBQ Fundraiser. This year, Charlie was the highest bidder, thereby "electing" him the youngest mayor in America.The mayors adopted father, Chad McMillan said Charlie's motto is to "Make America Kind Again."

"Charlie loves folks from all political leanings; Republican, Democrat, Independent. Regardless of anyone's background, he loves them and we hope he can be a unifier in our country," said Chad. Mayor Charlie and his family have a visit with our local congressman and Senator Ted Cruz next month in Washington D.C.

Good luck Mayor Charlie. Hope you don't spend the town's budget on new pacifiers.

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