With temperatures dropping, the WFPD has posted a reminder to not leave running vehicles unattended. Not only is it illegal in most cases, it also increases your chances of falling victim to burglary or theft.

Thieves are well aware of the fact that people commonly leave their cars unattended while the car warms up, so they’ll look for unattended vehicles with puffs of exhaust emitting from the tail pipe.

The WFPD offers the following steps to decrease the likelihood of having your vehicle stolen or burglarized:

STAY WITH THE CAR. It’s better to be cold for a few minutes in your car while it warms up than to be left in the cold while the thief drives it away.

LOCK THE DOORS. If unattended locking your doors will decrease the opportunity for the criminal to strike.

TAKE YOUR KEYS.  Don’t hide your keys on or in the vehicle; thieves know where to look.

HIDE YOUR BELONGINGS.  If leaving property in the vehicle hiding it will help reduce the risk of a burglary or vehicle theft.

Learn more about the Texas Transportation Code that deals with unattended vehicles at this location.