A California brewery is trying something different after their historic drought. In Wichita Falls, we know all about recycled water. 

Our drought situation was scary for a number of years here in Wichita Falls. Then we had too much water. Johnny Thrash said it best, "Wichita Falls: flood, drought, repeat." It's hard to find a happy medium in our town, it's either too much or too little. California is currently in the 'too little' category.

They're recycling their waste water and they call it 'grey water'. Mavericks Brewing company has used this grey water to brew a new beer called 'Mavericks Grey Water Tunnel Vision IPA'. I hope I don't get tunnel vision if I drink this stuff.

The beer isn't available yet in stores. Federal law doesn't allow food or drinks made with recycled waste water to be sold though according to Mavericks founder Lenny Mendonca, "Standards for recycled water are actually higher than for groundwater use."

"In a blind taste test, it was either picked as superior or you could not tell the difference." The company says it's all about changing people's mindset about how precious a resource water is. "The more the public is aware, the more likely recycled water for drinking and making beer from it will be a reality."

Wichita Falls made national news for our recycled waste water project, so I think all of us here can get behind this beer - when they can get it sold legally.

If anyone at Maverick's Brewing company wants us to taste test it, we're not scared of recycled water. See video below.

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