All I want for Christmas is a Christmas Tree Taco Box.

So every year, I get infuriated at our local Wichita Falls taco places during Valentine's Day. For years, we have seen these heart shaped taco boxes go viral. If you're dating a girl that would not want a heart shaped taco box, get out of that relationship my man.

Every year I always say, "Man it sure would be nice if somebody did that in Wichita Falls". Sadly, no one ever does. However, Wichita Falls now has the greatest taco box I have ever seen. SCREW YOU HEART SHAPED TACO BOX and allow me to introduce to you the CHRISTMAS TREE TACO BOX.

It is literally a Christmas miracle. Look at how beautiful that is! I can't even count how many tacos that is. Plus, it's build your own taco on the outside with the toppings spread along the box. According to the post, the box starts at $60. So I imagine it depends on what meat you get for the tacos.

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Screw the Christmas ham this year. Order one of these to truly have a magical Christmas night. Tacos Y Tortas El Pelon is usually setup at The Yard in downtown Wichita Falls, but you can catch them around town at other places.

If you want to get one, place your orders now for pickup. The also have tamales as well which I know a lot of folks enjoy around this time of the year. Imagine walking in the door with this taco box and a bunch of tamales. Screw Santa, YOU will be the hero of Christmas this year.

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