A local landmark is getting some love and it's no surprise to anyone that lives here.

Over the summer, the Wichita Mountains was named the most beautiful spot in Oklahoma. Just a short drive from us here in Wichita Falls. U.S. News has a done a new twist on the story, the best winter getaway in every state. Wichita Mountains has won again for Oklahoma.

We already know about the wildlife we can check out in the area, but they mention some specific holiday events to take part in as well. The Christmas Bird Count to help the National Audubon Society update its early-winter bird census. It's honestly just a beautiful place to visit any time of the year for an afternoon hike.

What about the winter getaway destination for Texas? They chose San Antonio, specifically the riverwalk area. It apparently has 120,000 Christmas lights going down it during this time of year. They also mention the Holiday Artisan Show and the Ford Holiday Boat Caroling spectacle.

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