Want to help out the zoo and have some fun in the process? Let me introduce you to the 'Cry me a Cockroach' event.

You may remember last year I told you about the El Paso Zoo doing something like this. On Valentine's Day last year, they were letting you name the cockroaches that they were going to feed to their meerkats after your ex. I thought it was hilarious and it looks like another zoo is taking this idea one step further.

The San Antonio Zoo is also doing this on Valentine's Day this year. For just $5, you purchase a cockroach named after your ex and you can watch it be eaten by one of their animals that loves bugs. They will be live streaming the feeding on Valentine's Day.

Let's say your ex was really bad. You can up the ante and buy a rat that they will feed to a reptile for just $25. I'll be honest, I would pay for the rat. I would be watching that thing like that one scene in 'Road Trip'. 'Unleash the Fury Mitch!' If you just want to watch the event, be sure you have the San Antonio Facebook page liked and get ready for Valentine's Day. Things could get ugly.

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