All you need is coat and you blend right in at the hospital. 

Police over in Austin were called to a Family Dollar after getting reports of people allegedly harassing customers for money in the parking lot. Deeanna Gibbs was one of the people doing this and police charged her with trespassing. The woman was taken into custody and transported to the Travis County jail. That's when a nurse referred her to the Brackenridge Hospital for a cut on her fingers that was infected.

Once in the hospital, Gibbs tried to use the bathroom several times. At one point she told officers she was gonna 's*** on herself' if they didn't let her go. Five minutes later, a nurse informed the officers Gibbs was not in the restroom. They searched the hospital and they were unable to find Gibbs.

Two hours later, officers patrolling downtown spotted Gibbs walking down the I-35. At the time of her arrest, she was wearing a doctor's coat labeled "Austin Radiological Association, Andrew R. M.D." Police say she used the coat to flee the hospital and was successful.

Gibbs was charged with escape from custody, a third-degree felony.