As of this post, Texas schools are closed until May 4th. One group thinks the remaining school year should be done.

The Texas State Teachers Association shared a letter they sent to Governor Abbott asking to cancel the remaining school year. It states the following:

"Disease experts expect this pandemic to get worse, maybe much worse, in Texas before we see any relief, and the governor must take these steps now to protect millions of school children and the adults dedicated to serving and caring for them. A comprehensive, statewide school closure order is necessary because the outbreak is expanding across the state, and we don’t know which counties it will strike next. Leaving this decision to individual districts creates unnecessary confusion and stress across Texas."

The letter also also stated it wants the state to continue to pay all school employees and to fully fund districts, as well as waive all teacher appraisals for this academic year. We will see if the governor responds to this letter.

I personally don't think any classes will be happening for the remaining school year in a classroom. That's just my opinion and I think Governor Abbott will be making a decision when we get closer to that May 4th date. Oklahoma, along with a few other states, have already made the decision to cancel the remaining school year.



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