Nothing wrong with a little more safety for the kids on the way home from school. 

Senate Bill 693 passed on Wednesday. Which means if a school gets a new school bus, it must have a 3 point seat belt on it.  If you could somehow believe it, one Republican Senator was trying to prevent this from happening. He was saying that 'seat belts make buses less safe'.

A law was passed in 2007 trying to get Texas schools to opt in to purchase the buses with seat belts on them. Not a single school in the state did. The new law states, any buses purchased passed 2017 must have seat belts on them. Sen. Bob Hall, called it an unfunded mandate and said seat belts, while effective in cars, protect bus riders only in a "limited number of direct head-on crashes at high speed.”

He also goes on to say that these seat belts could trap kids in during an accident. “Do we really want to raise the risk level of children in school buses that just sounds good and feels good, and has unintended consequences?” Hall asked. "We will actually be harming, killing more children than we would save."

The bill passed 25-6.

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