Don't bring a toy gun to a frying pan fight.

Over in San Antonio, a robber thought that he could get away with sticking up people with a toy gun. It looks like one person did get robbed without seeing that the gun was a toy. The robber was able to get away with a wallet and phone from the incident. Looks like he was feeling confident and decided to rob another person. This time breaking into an apartment.


Several people were inside and the robber was trying to get them on the ground. That is when one of the people in the apartment realized he was using a toy gun. So, the victims started to fight back, hit him in the head with a frying pan and held him down until police arrived. The suspect has been arrested.


This literally sounds like the plot of a cartoon, but hey no one got hurt and this dude will be facing some charges over this incident. I just want to know if the guy saw stars or birds after getting hit in the head with a frying pan.


Also, can the San Antonio Police Department please release a photo of the gun? I want to see how obvious this toy gun looks. Someone obviously could spot it and have the confidence to hit this guy with a frying pan. Please tell me it's a Nerf gun.

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