Nothing runs from the police like a Deere.

Try to follow me on this one, cause this story is gonna get weird. Over in Driscoll, Texas police were called to the scene of a hit and run. Someone driving a John Deere tractor pulled up to a gas station and slammed into a van. The driver called the police and when they arrived, tractor man was off to the races.

That tractor has a top speed of just over nine miles per hour. One officer tried to jump on and prevent him from getting away. He actually got dragged for a little bit before letting go. Tractor man would try to 'escape' in a nearby farm field. He would eventually get surrounded by police.

The suspect was identified as 45-year-old Alan Baade, wanted on a felony charge in a neighboring county. Here is where the story goes off the rails. Alan, claims he was on his way to California to help with the wildfires and he needed money from President Trump. WHAT?! Maybe Trump can help with that bail money, but I doubt it.

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