The mother went to go find out what happened on the stage and she got placed in handcuffs.

Graduations are a big day in the eyes of a parent I would have to imagine. You also have very strict rules at your graduation. You will hear your administrators or teachers threaten you with not getting your diploma if you break these rules. That is what happened over in San Antonio this past weekend.

Anna Martinez went to the graduation for her 18-year-old son Luis Martinez. Anna noticed her son never went back to his seat after being on the stage. Right after that, she got a call from her son. He was in the back and he informed her that he would not receive his diploma.

What did Luis do? He waved at his family while waiting for his diploma. Something that Anna Martinez claimed several other students did, including the high school valedictorian. Anna then went to go to the back where her son was to try to get some answers. She was stopped by a San Antonio ISD police officer. She said she needed to speak to someone about what is going on. He would not let her pass and the officer would eventually put her in cuffs when she wouldn't leave.

If you watch the clip above from Fox 29. You can see SEVERAL students wave at their families. According to Fox 29, several students would get detained in the back and would not receive their diploma on stage. After the ceremony was over, all those students received their diplomas. Every parent wants that memory of their child getting their diploma on stage. Not just getting it after the ceremony is over.

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