People really, really want to see Elon Musk move Twitter headquarters to Texas.

On Monday (April 25), Texas Governor Greg Abbott directed a tweet at Musk, asking him to move Twitter to The Lone Star State. A whole lot of people echoed the sentiment, with the tweet getting over 126,000 likes as of this posting.

And just yesterday, Jim Schwertner, a rancher here in Texas, upped the ante by offering him 100 acres for free in Schwertner, TX, which is located 38 miles north of Austin.

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There are some who replied in support of Schwertner offering the billionaire free land.

But there were also those who were quick to criticize the rancher for offering to give land to the richest man in the world.

Whether or not Musk will see fit to relocate Twitter to Texas from San Francisco has yet to be seen. But, based on his history of moving his businesses to Texas, the thought of it happening isn’t far-fetched.

If Musk ultimately decides to move Twitter to Texas, it will join other social media giants Meta and TikTok, who both have offices in downtown Austin.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but my money is on Twitter ultimately relocating to our great state.

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