Crazy news out of the Houston area. The decapitated body of a man was found in the front seat of a vehicle earlier this month.

Police were called to the Austin Bayou Boat Ramp, which is in the Angleton area, on May 3. A fisherman, who is also a Galveston police officer, reported that a truck under a bridge hadn't moved since the day before.

When Police arrived they were shocked to find a body inside, without a head. The victim was identified through his fingerprints as 24-year-old Jubal Dee Alexander of Port Arthur.

According to the victim's family, there are no signs of robbery. Jubal's wallet with cash still inside was found inside the truck, as well as his guitar.

Authorities are trying to determine when Jubal died. He was last heard from on April 27. A medical examiner has not yet released or a formal cause of death.

ABC 13 in Houston spoke with the victim's father who said his son was sleeping in his truck under a bridge on FM 2004 in Angleton. "They cut my son's head off and they took my son's head," Jubal's father said. "Who would do that? They won't even let me see him."

Police have still been unable to find the victim's head.

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