Let's start this week off with some positive news.

Nine-year-old Orion Jean is only in fifth grade, but is already making a positive impact in the world. His parents told him he should enter this contest for a national kindness award. Orion entered a speech that actually made the top twenty. Then, Orion actually won this award to help spread kindness throughout his community.

So Orion and his family decided to do something called 'The Race for Kindness'. Where it's all about doing something kind for someone else. Simple enough right? “You can go out and do something kind for somebody today for free,” Jean said. “It doesn’t cost any money and it’s probably going to make someone’s life a whole lot easier and a whole lot better. Why not go and do it right now?”

He also decided to do an event where people donated new toys for the Children’s Health Hospital in Dallas. The goal was to donate 500 toys. People heard Orion's story and he donated 619 toys this week. Orion seems like an amazing kid and if you want to keep up with the Race for Kindness. They have a website and Instagram page.

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