Don't ever tell me this generation has no work ethic. 

Addison Pickering is one hard worker. Her Lubbock dance team won the right to  compete in the Holiday Spectacular parade in Disneyland. The members of the team needed to raise funds to be able to make the trip. Addison remembered her dad would tell her he would mow lawns so he could afford Six Flags tickets.

She asked her dad how the mower worked and if she could borrow it. He happily obliged and soon neighbors were letting Addison mow their yards. Addison setup a social media page trying to get the word out there that she was looking for yards to mow. More and more people were signing up and some were just donating money to Addison's cause.

Addison and her friends on the dance team will be dancing for nearly a half-hour straight the day of the Disneyland holiday parade. Addison says she's a little nervous but excited this is an experience she's earned all on her own. She was able to raise over $2,600. Hopefully she has plenty of money for one of those Mickey bars.