Scary spooky skeletons send shivers down your spine.

I have never gone through the process of trying to sell a home, but I imagine it can be pretty stressful. Imagine your house is on the market for several weeks and nobody is wanting to buy. According to Victoria Moreno, the house has been on the market for over forty days. Her real estate agent says that's pretty unusual for their area in Midland. Houses in her neighborhood usually sell in about a month.

So Victoria has decided to bust out the twelve foot skeletons. You have probably seen these guys at Home Depot. Believe me, I want some, but I am worried someone is going to steal mine if I buy some. Victoria though is using these things as giant billboards. Their signs say 'Great Home To Put Down Some Roots' and 'Home For Sale Its Got Good Bones.'

Ever since the skeletons have gone up, Victoria has got a lot more interest in the house. I bet if she were to include the skeletons in the sale of the house that would increase the property value. I am no real estate agent, but twelve foot skeletons make any house look better. Screw a tree in the front yard, twelve foot skeleton.

If you know anyone trying to move to Midland, Texas. The house is up for grabs on Zillow. Also, if anyone in Wichita Falls no longer wants their twelve foot skeletons. You can drop them off at the radio station, I will take them.

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