Extreme couponing takes a lot of time, but this Texan is using that time to help out others right now. 

I have to give a shout out to San Antonio resident Kimberly Gager. She is what many would call an extreme couponer. If you have never watched that show on TLC, you have to check it out. It's about these people who go to the store with hundreds, maybe close to a thousand, coupons and stock their pantries. I have seen people pay less than twenty bucks for a truckload of items. Sometimes the computers crash because they cannot handle all the items. My personal favorite is when the store will actually give money back to the people. What?!

Kimberly Gager is one of these people and is using her shopping and coupons to get items to people that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Kimberly says she refuses to buy anything that is not on sale. Kimberly is currently hooking up families with diapers and baby wipes. Her garage looks like the baby aisle in Walmart.

Kimberly is helping these people out because back in 1999 her family home was hit by a hurricane in Virgina. Kimberly is personally delivering items from her couponing haul and others people have donated. If you would like to help her cause, check out her Facebook page.

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